Advantages of IoT system

For those who are unaware of this term, IoT stands for internet of things. IoT is a network of all physical, tangible items such as devices, cars, buildings and anything that has software or sensors in them which allow us to automate everything. In this day and age IoT play a huge role in our lives as most of our daily activities involve the use of internet and collecting or exchanging data. The main aim of IoT is to automate our lives which could make it more efficient but at the same time could lead to some major privacy issues. Every day we see new gadgets and innovations in the market; with just a command we can control all our gadgets and other electronics at home without having to get up and physically turn on and off things. The use of word ‘smart’ has become something of a brand name where you have smart phones, smart TVs, smart washing machines and in essence now you can have smart homes. Some of its major advantages are:

  • Communication: IoT system increases and encourages machine to machine communication (also known as M2M). Because of this ingenious innovation, physical devices stay in touch with one another leading to greater efficiency and higher quality. It also allows full transparency.
  • Automated: Due to the overall wireless infrastructure of these smart devices, it requires little to no human intervention, being able to pretty much operate on their own. This allows for greater control and automation leading to more operating efficiency.
  • Information: IoT systems have allowed a greater flow of information which in turn allows people to make better decisions. It can be as simple as Siri informing you that you are out of groceries to more complicated decisions at work. As people say knowledge is power! The systematic use of information also allows you to save time and work in an effective manner.
  • Money: IoT systems thrive on efficiency thus, when machines communicate with each other, not only does it save time but also money and resources. For instance your oven or kitchen electronic gadgets now have the ability to turn off themselves once the work is done. This makes the IoT system more environmental friendly as the system operates on minimum resources. Another way which this system saves money as it immediately informs its owner of any breakdowns or other technical problems with the system or anything else in the work or home environment. Hence, this immediate correspondence helps save time and money.
  • Comfort: We live in a century where people have such hectic schedules that they just don’t have the time to worry about small things. Hence this is where the IoT system comes in; greater convenience, comfort, time management and overall a better standard of living.
  • Use of IoT in different systems: Using IoT in systems such as healthcare or security can generate excellent results. For instance, by implementing chips in patients, doctors can monitor their patient’s vital signs and respond immediately in case of an emergency. Moreover, it can increase monitoring patients at homes, allowing for more free space in hospitals for serious cases.  In case of security, police can use the IoT system to monitor the street cameras and improve the law and order system.
  • IoT systems in businesses: IoT systems would prove to be extremely advantageous for businesses; it would allow them to monitor consumer trends and respond to the demand changes in a timely manner. This could lead to greater sales which lead to greater profits and revenues.

All in all IoT system is the upcoming thing of the 21st century.